Banksia Hunt

If you have Banksia trees on your property, it’s that time of year when self-seeded Banksias can be spotted.  l thought l’d share my experience over the past 3 years at my property in Marraweeney.

At the front of my property, there is a large section of Kangaroo Grass with a clump of Banksias. These were originally planted from seed collected by the Arboretum and originated along Harry’s Creek Road in Marraweeney.

Year 1

After a few months at the property, l discovered Banksia seedlings. They were left to their own devices and none survived.

Year 2

Found 7 Bankia seedlings and put guards around these. The one seedling surrounded by the guard made from wire, died. All others with green guards survived and are thriving. You can see this in the gallery of images.

Year 3

This week l found 70 Banksia seedlings and have put guards around these. You can see from the photo that if they all survive, l will have to thin them out.

I don’t water these and you can see from the original trees, that two have died. One during the last dry summer and one during this very wet winter.
From my experience, placing guards around the seedlings does work. It’s like a treasure hunt, so get out there and see what you can find at your property!