Fifteen years of Silver Banksia


First plantings at Euroa Arboretum – 2004

• 6provenances–157 plants planted initially.

• 86plantsdiedinthe first year.

• Another30inthe following year.

Lesson – Site selection is important for best success.

Seed Production at Euroa Arboretum

  • 9 provenance sources from original plantings from the Strathbogies and Tooborac.353 plants originally planted over a number of years.
  • 80 trees we can still identify in 2015. 30 plants have lost labels.
  • Only 6 provenances now represented that we can identify.

Lesson – clear labelling and record keeping is critical to ensure your seed production area has the diversity you intend and for long term tracking.

Seed Collection

banksia seed

  • Our first big seed collection was 2013. This followed quite a mild, wet summer. We collected about 1kg of seed that year.
  • 2014 – 1kg, 1.5kg – Repacholi
  • 2015 – 31g, 500g – Repacholi
  • 2016 – 5g.

Lesson – do we need to locate our seed production areas in locations with mild summers, and better sources of moisture?


  • Seeds tend to germinate best in cooler months.
  • They are slow to germinate as the weather warms up, but can respond when in shade house conditions.
  • Population health makes a huge difference to germination success. Small, isolated populations are much less vigorous seedlings.
  • Seedlings tend to have issues with dampening off in nursery conditions as they get bigger.

GBCMA – Silver Banksia Rescue Project

The Silver Banksia project started in 2012 with funding from Caring for our Country for 6 years.
Initially there was a shortage of seed to meet the demand.
For the initial 3 years, 2000 Banksias were produced and given to landholders who had expressed interest and had suitable sites.
Now, approximately 5,000 Banksias have been produced for the past 2 years and given to landholders with the right attitude and site suitability